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Whether you’re a brand-new, growing startup, or a hi-tech business, we understand you are short on time. So we’re going to keep it concise.

We are 8300. We provide innovative tech solutions and services for startups and businesses just like yours, and we do it in the fast lane. We provide all the tools you need to execute your innovative idea the right way and turn it into a winning product.

How? Simple! We provide essential services for developing startups and hi-tech businesses, such as: cloud solutions and services, database optimization, development, QA, open source, training, mentoring, recruiting etc. we’ll work with you to upgrade your startup or bring your established business closer to the finish line. Our promise to you is this: we work quickly, we are experts in our field and we offer excellent service.

So, how is matrix involved?

8300 is a special task-force of matrix, Israel’s leading IT Integrator. This means you’ll benefit from matrix’s networking connections, vast experience, capabilities and know-how. You can enjoy mentoring, technologies assimilation and credentials to matrix Eco-system. That said, 8300 also operates as a separate focused unit, specially designed to accommodate growing businesses like yours, giving you the attention you need and deserve.

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